Our furniture service technician will carefully assess your leather furniture and discuss all options available for you

Cat scratch BEFORE

Cat scratch AFTER

Faded leather on door panel BEFORE

Door panel after renovation AFTER

Ink mark BEFORE

Ink mark AFTER

Colour worn away BEFORE

Re-colour & sealed AFTER

Leather Restoration and Repair Services

We can renovate or repair your leather sofa or chair. Restoring colour to faded leather is something we specialise in as well leather scratches, scuffs and marks.

We can replace your soft seat cushions by replacing them with new quality seat or back cushion interiors , we can also repair stitching that has become loose or broken. 

Leather marks or stains such as ink or nail varnish can potentially be made invisible to the eye again.

Our technician can also give you advice on how to clean and maintain your leather which will help to extend the life of your favourite furniture.

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